Who is My Trickster God anyway?

Activist Author. Political Organizer. Progressing Animator. Musician. Story-telling.
Training in Bel canto singing.

A Young Adult worried about the societal decay.
Invoking the power of story telling to recreate a scientific, moral society.
Once a pathological teen video gamer, as social and political turmoil gripped the world, The Author began to discover that life can’t be found in a strategy guide. Greater things were affecting the pessimistic and degenerate attitudes of my friends and myself.
I wanted answers.
Do I blame games or other fanciful entertainments for blocking me from the real world?
Au contraire...
I’m on a pilgrimage to assimilate these avenues of Fantasy with Social awareness. By the time the next generation blossoms into adulthood, there will be no distinction between video games and the prerogative to correct social atrocities.

So support my sinister plan of Fantasy Takeover!

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