The Pop Fantasy Project

Social Activism through a new form of Fantasy.

The Pop Fantasy Project is an attempt to bend the Genre of Fantasy into a new direction. It is a new wave of Fantasy that will meet the demands of a new generation of young adults entering into complete cultural fruition, who’s upbringing has been shaped by the centralization of our entire world— all cultures, creeds, modes of expression and creative forms of entertainment— into their bedrooms via free and accessible media and communications.

The Pop Fantasy Project is a new master recipe that takes all your known fantasies, from Mythology, to Urban fantasy, to the likes of Final Fantasy and such influences, and seasons them with the modern spices of societal turmoil, Political upheaval, corporate greed, scientific disregard, dissipation of freedom and voice, domestic abandonment, class and race distinction, mental and spiritual oppression, a lack of self-worth, and the alienation between man and humanity that has bubbled up to the surface for the last few decades.
With your elements of dungeons and dragons in between, of course.

It is a loose form of Fantasy limited by nothing outside of the voice it sets to give a generation of young people who were destined for doom by a disregarding world of woe.

Pop Fantasy is one of the carriers of a new social paradigm existing in the near future, infiltrating into the present through free media and creative mediums that have gripped our attention and imagination on a day-to-day basis; video games, animations, audio books, etc.

It is an integration of all creative venues of entertainment into the deployable ranks of the spirit of a new age that will no longer wait for the people’s arrival, and attempts to blur the line of social activism and the fantastical.

Which Fantasy Will You Choose?
Hell Yea Activism
              to be
SuperNintendo Geek Girls
              to be