Monday, August 22, 2011

The Moral Revolution: The Immortality of the Human Soul

Life, hope... dreams... where do they come from, and where are they going?
I would never put Kefka in my fav-5 list, but Final Fantasy was the closest thing I had to a "role model" while in my days of school.
School. That rotten piece of meat; a cold slab cookin' on the hot concrete floor of a diseased culture, bubbling out dysfunctional maggots of our modern age, who wriggle their separate ways to search for a reason to call this earth-encompassing decay a kingdom worth worshiping.
And such  independent thinkers all end up in a self-same destination.

Could it really be called an institution of learning? I am sure it was not an intended fashion to poop geniuses out of that great ass of Scholasticism. Should it really be respectful that I played video games all day and got good grades for it? Like many other kids across the nation?

Where is such a learnless life destined to go, whether it were educated through Gears, Final Fantasy, and Warcraft... or whether it was subjected to the kill-creative curriculum that turned the brain into a mathematical node?
When I got out of school, I quickly found out that there were no strategy guides to life, no cheat codes to dominate the world-- none that I know of at least-- and no easy answers to tell me why the world operated the way it did. Why was the world full of existential sluts and ruled by nominalistic whores?
Society's a schizophrenic slop of slaughtered sensibility, its organs and shattered bones of respected ideas and successful initiatives splattered messily upon that once radiant garden of scientific and moral prosperity, its green, leafy bushes now heavy with meat and bloody history sizzling hot in its splattered visage under a corrupt sun.

But now, must I qualify that by becoming the next Tom Waits or starting a neo-My Chemical Romance soft rock and hip-hop band?

The difference between heroes versus the now... Or, a good revolution versus a bad one
Real leaders, no matter what differences or beliefs they hold, through history and to come, are all captivated by one universal principle. Tis a principle that permeates through the entire universe, even in those regions yet conceived by man's imagination...
That principle says The universe is creative, and man is an expression of that creativity, a mirror image of the universe he is tasked to uncover.
And I know it because I heard it say it.
Not to be pretentious or anything...

Real leaders know that, to make a change in the government, in the policy, in the ideology, in the culture, in the society, the primary change has to first be made in the individual person's way of thinking... if that does not happen, then the individual is self-condemned to still trust those traitorous beliefs that trick all of society into its fatal predicament in the first place.

If the individual person is not possessed by the sword of moral vitality and look at himself with these newly sharpened eyes, the corruption within him will paralyze him; the demons of doubt, cowardice, capitulation, consent, pessimism, and other corruptions will hold him down, and whisper into his ear, "you are impotent, small, finite, a single flesh in a world of corruption... you can do nothing."

The individual will try to free himself with his old habits, unaware that the demons know the cavern of his mind, and failing against their trickery, he will believe their words to be truth, and that is when he loses his power to decide his fate, and looks up to watch doomed destiny fall upon him like a star shower.
Helpless in the hands of self-destruction.
Civilizations fall by consent after all, and not by inevitability.

This sword of moral vitality is the weapon that cuts down old habits and demons, slicing its bright blade to uncover new ideas and axioms respecting man and nature and his divine affinity to creativity.
And when the common individuals grasp these higher ideas of their own creativity and immortality on a mass scale, that is when a great divine sword and shield is summoned down to descend upon a reawakened Humanity's grasp, newly thirsty to reclaim that fountain of creative liberty and meaning of life.

We have no real leaders in leadership positions. Just an old, crusty generation that turned traitorous to itself and to all the future. It is a generation that can unsheathe no heroes. It is a generation that has already died and left young people like me and you to fend for ourselves in darwinian survival as civilization crumbles.
That is why the world rest in our hands now.
So that the immortals of our past do not turn over in their lively graves...

We must show the universe that we are capable of leading the continued development of this greatly paradoxical cosmos; we must show galactic nature that we can be just as playful as she is and be the junior creators of a creative god.
We must prove to all things existing the true powers of the immortality of humanity's god-given, creative soul.
We must demonstrate that there are things greater then our short lives that are worth protecting-- like the meaning of our short lives.
Are we destined to fuck around or have end-of-the-world sex, or some shit like that... or, as human individuals, and especially as a lost-and-found-and-lost-again generation destined for destruction, will we look Destiny in her eye and defy her decree upon us? Will we rescue the world from hell? And ourselves as well?

Our young generation should dispel themselves from the demon of hopeless pessimism, and start being immortals: We must stand in the future and look back in time and decide what must be done so that this forgotten present may defy its destined destruction for the sake of solidifying a perfect, far-reaching future.
Then we can say that we defied the destiny our leaderless parents gave us and became ourselves immortal leaders and death-defiers.
Like Prometheus, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, etc. etc.

There will be times when you have to fight, keep your light burning strong.
The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes...
but dont be afraid, and don't forget...
you hold the mightest weapon of all...
you are the one who will open the door...
Let us defy this finite existence, and fight for a culture that reinstates man as the most powerfully creative force in the universe, and necessary to be granted freedom to exercise that power, "and so long as they are in the image of god, this is a law that is above all else."

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