Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Campaigner Challenge, and the BLOG award goes to...

Write a short story/flash fiction story in 200 words or less, 
begin the story with the words, “The door swung open” These four words will be included in the word count.
Use the same beginning words and end with the words: "the door swung shut."
Make your story 200 words EXACTLY!

---->Campaign Challenge START!<-----
Dastard Destiny Knocking Dreams!

The door swung open, hushing the noisy classroom into quiet murmur, pussified teacher included.

“O by Jesus; too late!” Quietly panicked Rina, speaking spanish incantations and gesturing cross signs upon the WTF-faced Leodie, who giggled towards Etna, waiting for her usual witty remark.
Soon however, his laugh ceased as godless Etna followed Rina’s command— Etna didn’t even SPEAK spanish! She loathed it! The class was hollering “Uh oh” with the teacher, quite wet in the panties himself.
“I was only joking when I said Alice and Leodie was sitting in the tree, I swear,” confessed Etna.
Leodie turned towards us… and gulped.
He purchased Alice a Frapuccino only to sit down and talk to understand why she bullied Rina so much.
Without notice, Leodie felt a shooting star smash into his face, flooring him.
Sleepy… Blurry… but then a breath of life catapulted him to his feet and fist!
He kicked into Tyrone’s guts! The crowd cheered!
One—! Two! And a finishing BOOM in the nose as the crowd grew louder!
“Wah—” moaned Leodie through his swollen lips, “wha’ wa’ hell? Wam I?”

Etna saw him away on a stretcher as the classroom door swung shut.
---->Campaign Challenge END!<-----
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What  doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I guess... 
This Ordeal has made me learn a lot <(^.^<)
I thought I was gonna die.  <(#.#<)
So much can be expressed in 200 words or less. I would be wise to take this to my real writing efforts and stop pussy-footing around with little dis and little dat!

I borrowed from 2 blogs:
the irony tactic, from 1000.Monkey
and the this-chr-doesnt-know-what-everyone-else-knows tactic, from elizabethannewrites
and the Metaphor tactic, from Lady Jai,though I used it on a very small, detailed scale.
I used these "writerly tactics" as a focal point to write this entry. 
And then of course a little "Voice" inspiration from people who weren't afraid of adding a "voice" and freeing their muse in their entry: Reinhardt and Zap and Angela Brown 

I've read other blogs with the same elements and more, but these bloggers were my "advisers" shall we say?
Thx 4 all the inadvertent inspiration and strategy guys!

Whatever makes you stronger gets you a blog award too! RAWRS!
And thx Naseoul for awarding me with 
I think I just gained a level! Roar Roar!! >:3
I'd like to give the same people I just mentioned this reward, because they made a RAWRS that no non-writer could hear, despite its galaxy-shattering cry.
except for Zap... she already got it (curses >.<!)
O! And  Treelight!
Good to see you in the WC girl! Everytime I answer one of your Q's, I always learn something, 
how is that?
and The Golden Eagle because I think her blog is fun. I hope she can fix her "NASA image of the day" plugin soon.

Things are looking up, up, UP! In this Writer's Campaign Community, you guys are awesome!
Thx Rachel for summoning up enough craft to make this all possible. Where did you amass all that magic from anyway? You must make me become your apprentice! 

thx for viewing my blog. 
 Don't forget to Comment and Follow before you walk out the door.
Bye :^)


  1. It's not easy writing in 200 words or less. When I first wrote my piece, I thought it said 250 words. Then I had to cut 50 words. I can't believe how many times I edited the little thing after that.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Nice to meet you. I enjoy your sense of creativity and your personal expression. Good stuff. Keep Writing!

  3. A fresh and funky approach which showcases a distinct writing style ! Way to go !
    My entry is no.#59

  4. You, dear blogger buddy, are a writer with a distinctly funky voice all your own. And I love it. I must confess, 1000thmonkey's submission had me creeped out so much I had to go back and read it again (lol!!!)

    And so many thanks for this blog award. *bowing humbly*

  5. Cool post!!!

    About the new look of blog!! I am impressed!! Quite good!! Lots of my favorite anime characeters!!!

    with warm regards
    Another Author

  6. Cool post!

    The background was a little hard on my poor old eyes, but I love it otherwise.

    Would also like to take the opportunity to invite you to take a look at the The Rule of Three Blogfest ---a month-long shared-world fiction extravaganza in October with some great prizes, and of course, a lot of exposure and constructive feedback for your writing :).

  7. This has such a great, distinct voice!

    Nice to meet a fellow campaigner. :-)

  8. Cool story, liked the voice. I liked the ending too. BOOM! LOL

    Sidenote: I could not read this in my google reader. It showed up as black letters on a black background. Impossible to read!

  9. Goodness what a busy background and such bright font colours, I'm afraid it sets off my migraines, so sadly I can't read your writing, but thanks for commenting on mine. :O)

  10. Your website is making my head spin... the peircing colors and the cluttered background my eyes can't concentrate on your writing... focus... focus... Ahhh! You story is entertaining and like your website seems all over the place... reminds me of a crazy anime like watching Hyatt from Excel Saga puking blood until the screen fills or how Excel speaks so fast that she gets send down the trap door all the time... Please for the love of my brain change your background picture.

  11. temporary fix up you guys, thx for warning me how ostensibly loud my blog was.

  12. Your story kept my brain zigging and zagging. You have one of those distinct voices that could be picked out anywhere, which is pretty cool.

  13. Wow. Your entry definitely kept me on my toes while I was reading!

    Thank you for the award! :)

    (I don't know why the NASA Image of the Day isn't working on my blog . . . it used to work. I'll see if I can get it to show up!)

  14. What an action packed entry! And I second the comment about the distinct voice. That's hard to accomplish, but you seem to have it down.

  15. Talk about action-packed! You certainly have a unique voice which grabs the readers attention. Very different from the other entries; it certainly stands out from the crowd.

    I'm glad you have made some changes to the backgound of your blog -much easier on the eyes and mind. :)

  16. Thx, I appreciate the comments despite the contest being over.
    Cant wait for the next contest.
    ...or can I?

  17. I finally made it 'round to see how my entry inspired you. Amazing and sooooo action packed! :D Love it! I have great admiration for those who can use dialogue. I've always been shy and rarely talk (hence the writing) so dialogue is not something that comes easy to me. Good job! And thanks for the award, tho I've no idea what to do with it :D

  18. You have a very different writing style. Interesting.

    Tossing It Out

  19. I was drawn in by the fresh voice in the narrative, well done!

  20. hello there, Just thought I would say "Hi" I am in your fantasy group, I'm only just working my way around everybody slowly but surely.
    Eve :)

  21. Congratulations from a fellow Campaigner! Thanks for sharing your flash. "Etna didn't even speak Spanish" was my favorite bit.