Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grade A for DayDreaming...

Fantasy As A Form Of Study

I'm a writer. But I'm also just your friendly neighborhood american(lol, I'm the first!) that just happens to loves science, politics, classical arts, (etc.) Like it was Funking accident :-/
With that said, I got bust in the brain (in a very good way) by a drive-by idea that came at me whilst I was reading an article about manufacturing rain in the atmosphere.
And in the myriad hellishness of dull specifics and devilish details, I finally caught up to the culprit, forcing her to hit me one more time! That I may witness a marvelously long period of traumatic molestational fervor whilst hypnotically making a quick example with my pen(while the magic still lived) and making sense of this wonderful idea that had visited me.

Science is fun. But lets be honest, the maintenance behind the beautiful stage preformance makes it die an early death in most heads and some tails.
But I believe I've just found a way to take the FUN out of the Funeral Precession and revive a person's drive to learn most epistemologies.

What if we invoked the power of metaphor to craft stories out of our educational operations?

Imagine giving your D&D-loving grandma or WoW-hearting Grandpa a fantasy novel thats actually a windows 7 64-bit manual in disguise!!!

Does THIS not move you?!!
By Zeus! By Gonerrel! Resign your humanity-license before you walk out the door if it does not!

Who has the time or concentration to study things like cosmic influences on the biosphere's atmospheric changes? The long winded Question itself probably pissed-and-grits half my supportive readers away--
"Atmosphero-whaa'-- Nah, fuck this homes..." *disappears*

But when you think about it, this idea is a melodious tune of metaphor. Transforming studies into tales? Was that not what the ancients did to make sense of our universe?
Arachne and the creation of spiders.
The picking of Prometheus' liver in regards to the liver having regenerative qualities(I'm surprised the ancients knew that one).
Prometheus giving the fire of knowledge to man to state the uniqueness of Man's role in the universe a part from the beast and affinity to godly elements.
Be careful!!
The Devil wheres Manga!

Why don't we create fantastical tales that explain science (etc.) anymore?

It reminds me about a statistics textbook disgusted as a colorful manga I once came across. A total, paradoxical bitch slap across the face twas!
That is why i was so excited about this.
The first, quick, fledgling attempt at studies-fantasy:

The child had some heart, not the mushy kind of shit, but that stern, strong dedication leaders had within their chest. At age 16, I was dickin' around with my radio all day, not thinking about the future of mankind as an evolutionary step to the development of the entire universe. The boy's determination gave me confidence.
The desert rover wasn't meant for speed, it was clunky, bumpy, and created a dust storm that perpetually almost caught into my eyes.

"The green laser's been clocked Doc," said Stebsen.
A number of techniques have long existed to control rain by seeding the atmosphere with small particles of compounds for water vapor to gather 'round.

The damned Fools. They always laughed at me, snarled and belittled my proofs of a developing Universe, of a universe craving for higher creative developement, a universe waiting countless millennia for human intervention. Those heat-death snobs! Entropic Numbskulls!

You damned fools, who tried to shut me up.
"Doc, the red laser's beginning to stream..."
Damned fools! Silencing God's command for a creative mankind, I should not care about dying if it entails me being the modern prometheus, or modern Galileo!
"Yes boy?"
"Did you hear me?!"
"O! Yes... Put your mask on boy, this'll smell like minty fresh grits grinding your nostrils!"

I halted the vehicle, it was far enough! Far enough for us to do the experiment and video record it too. Far enough from being interrupted by the deans of the facility.  
The boy got his video-cam prepared. I wasn't too familiar with that youtube toy, but I know it was a doozy for getting videos out on the fly. All my true colleagues, who's careers had been limited or silenced all together, used it as a means to keep science from falling off the cliff by a slight pinky finger. They chose to break away from the establishment, while the coward within me stuck to his career for 20 years at the death of real, scientific imagination.

It was time to repent.
i got the boy to help my old farty butt with the titanium-clad chest, "get back now," I told Stepsen.

From the chest we released a massive concentration of alcohol vapor. It wasn't necessary for the weather experiment, but I wanted to show the boy how to view cosmic rays with his naked eye. The real experiment would not only create a rain cloud in the sky, but would allow us to see the cosmic rays bombarding our earth and lives everyday.
The fools.

"Doc, you keep saying fools, who're the fools?"
"They're all fools dammit. The lot of them. All damned fools!"
The green spread laser was still going, and the infrered laser was about to ignite into the sky.
"Lee just texted me Doc. They coming for us," Stebsen said, "what's gonna happen to us?"

"What'll happen to me? I've been at this for 40years. After this demonstration is through, I'll make sure you'll have a 40yrs to fight them damned fools! With your versed knowledge of this digital age, I have no doubt that you'll revive the most important arc of science: The implication of man as an active force in the universe, the developement of man's immortal creative embeddedness within this planet, with this galaxy, within in this universe."
An intense red laser pillared into the sky--
"The camera, the camera boy!"
"It's set up!"
I eased, "good, it started sooner then I expected. God be merciful."

Earlier in the morn, I released massive amounts of dry ice vapor to settle in the atmosphere. It wasn't needed, but I wanted to instigate the heavens nevertheless. The introduction of the infered would instigate the nitric acid in the air to attract the water vapor like a crazed fandom ring of young teenegars after some hot-pants celebrity. And rain would form.
The droplets started to form.

"Get that on video Dr. Stebsen, and show the world what man is responsible for doing."
More droplets started to form, until it started to lightly pour.
"The damned fools. They knew I was right. But they wanted to keep people mindless and beastial. A victim of circumstances instead of responsibility," I saw the boy aiming his camera at me, I went up to it and snatched it, "Do you see this world?" Pointed I to the increasing rainflow coming down, "and this is only an inkling of powerful discoveries they've hidden from you for 50years. The damned fools! They could only slow man's progression, not stop it, those damned mortal fo--"
The cloud dust afar were suddenly larger then I first saw them to be. They were homing in.

I shoved the camera into his hand, still in record mode, "alright Dr. Stebsen. What I've done, I've programed the rover to drive a specific direction. You hop on the rover, and when you see a huge boulder with a tall, wooden cross sign with a red cloth waving on its tip, you jump from the rover. Ahead from this checkpoint, you will follow this compass--" I gave him a compass, "it is magnatised specifically to lead to my underground lab, it is not far away a walk."
"And you...?"
"40years Dr. Stebson. 40years. Go you, or else I'll know you a boy forever!"

Before he did so, he took out the memory card and replaced it with another one, "I won't need this," he also replaced the battery with a broken one. Smart boy. I slapped his butt out of my way.

Without second thought, he drove away with immediate discipline. 
I stood there, afraid, but no longer "afraid." my soul was tried, and it passed the trial. When you put your identity into something that goes beyond your imemdiate life or pleasure or pain or career, you're capable of doing things and discovering things not otherwise attainable. I would not see the society of immortal ideas ruling the nations of this planet and subsequent other bodies, but with young ones like Stebsen, I can at least know what the future will already be like.
The sand rovers pulled in while some continued after Stebsen.

The director's son stepped out of one, applauding at my preformance, "You fucked up dr. Dumbass, you really fucked up." 
I laughed and bowed. 

That young bastard was always funny in whatever he said, even when he made fun of me. Hated it, but this time, it was a bittersweet welcome.
Yea, I fucked up.
But I fucked up For science!

I'm glad you made it through.
Since this entry, I've written other entries, more fantastical, more to my poppy, urbany, cartoony flavor. Magic and divinities included, and I'd love to have you all dip your opinions and interest into this newly found fountain of fantasy.
Well, more fruitful defecation spills out of my mind. Mmmm, Pina colada flavored.
See ya laterz.
thx for viewing my Blog.
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  1. This... is a brilliant idea. Why DON'T we do this anymore? At least, for higher-level subjects, like astronomy and statistics? And I loved your story. (I think putting spaces between the paragraphs would make it easier to read, though.) This is a great idea, and I think you should keep going with it.

    Btw-- I really like how you've put this white background down the center of the blog. Makes the text easier to read and creates a focal point.

  2. Hey there. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments. No I didn't want to leave portugal even though it is always nice to get home lol :-). Your blog is awesome.
    Eve xx

  3. What a great idea :) It is without doubt that stories are the most profound and effective way to get into someone's brain to illuminate their understanding about this or that--and the ancients knew that... they knew a lot more than we think. For example, the Vedas states that stool is impure (so if you touch it you have to take a bath), but cow dung is pure. Scientific tests run recently on cow dung revealed that it is actually antiseptic. Who knew?

    Also, thanks for making your blog a tad bit more readable ;) My no-longer-bleeding eyes thank you.

  4. Good point! Stories are excellent at teaching things; it's surprising that it's not done more often.

  5. Hi There,I hope you are well. I just wanted to stop by and say a HUGE Thank you for your words of wisdom. Always nice to hear. I'm sure I'll find my way around its just finding the time to do it at the moment :)
    Thanks once again and stay in touch

  6. Hello, fellow Beginning Blogger campaigner here. Stories have been used to teach the younger generation since the dawn of time. It wasn't until someone decided that education could be done better (ha!) that we stopped doing that.

    Fascinating idea!