Monday, September 5, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes, Man's Moral Mistake?

If hurricanes are assisted by galactic processes and created by tropical influences, can it still be man's fault?
Yes. Yes it can.
No, not because we're overpopulated.
No, not because we rely too much on Technology.
Rather, we rely too little on technology.
And I don't consider the doodads and gadgets of iPods and iPads serious technology. One serious technology that we're slicing down like a comic book villain is NASA-- we just shut the shuttle program. And by "we" I mean we've allowed this president to wipe it away for "fiscal responsibility."

Let's take Africa for example.
"Africa? Maaan I gotta help ME first, don't talk to me about no africa."
Now, today the modern attitude is "Me first, me now..."
And by "modern" I tend to mean old and middle-aged persons below the WWII generation belt and desititute youth who either adopted an existential outlook on life, listens to rap for emotional comfort or, as is mostly the case, both.
It's an attitude that is going to physically kill us. Because not only do you lower yourself to a darwinian mindset, but by doing so you actually lose the name of human survival itself.
Because most of the hurricanes waltzing onto the atlantic side of civilization come from the tropical conditions of Africa.
Bring up thy divine fist Friend Eros...
My, my! You have such soft skin!
Like an epic final battle between 2 gods, the dry hot conditions of the Sahara dessert (Mmmmmmm...) clashes with the cooler equatorial region of africa. The Green parts of africa are cool, while the brown messes up top the continent make for a dry, sweltering piece of -bleep- for man to live in.

These 2 atmospheric conditions clash! Tis a continental war who's violence conjures up a powerful wind stream that spirits onto the atlantic with sinister glee and, with its own devious plot of criminality, summons up dry easterly waves upon the ocean, only to collide with extreme wet monsoon westerly waves from the south.

What does this collision do? Something BIG forms...
If you wanna see a level 52 thunderstorm spell, then let me tell you...
You are way too enamored with World of Warcraft to be considering the possibility of controlling weather and should seriously consider an alternative direction in life.
But anyway, west african Squall lines are created by the collision.
Meet lvl 52 Chain-of-Thunderstorms.
Some time it'll be Politically correct 
to simply call her "Irene" or "Katia."
These are long chains of thunder storms many-hundred miles long fit for any Derange Deity's Final Attack (or, at the least, a psychopathic environmental scientist dying command) that inevtiably hits the Atlantic.
This mythological fight is thought to be the cause of most Atlantic hurricanes.
One of these days I plan to go to Africa with my camcorder and record this epic fight to post on YouTube. Comment on whether you think that's hot or not.

So, why is it man's fault...?
Because man, in his stage... and ladies too, of course, have the creative capacity to control weather by controlling water.
Even at the negligence of his power, man is responsible for taking all precautions necessary to deal with hurricanes: hurricane prevention included.

Yes it makes for a wonderful sci-fi thriller or even an epic fantasy adventure! But we're not just talking about magic here, this is something we've been doing for years-thousands, and the most recent expression was after WWII when we constructed a series of dams in the Tennessee area, which made the area more fruitful with vegetation, thus causing plants to perspire more water into the clouds to increase rain production in the area, thus incorporating the water cycle more productively into that region.
Now if such engineering had been continued, it could do quite an effect on our relationship with Mother Nature and how we could interact and even alter biospheric regulations and patterns.

Imagine us having the capability of creating a garden of Eden.
That's one fantasy-adventure I'd LOVE to write about--
but I don't have to.
Because man is at the brink of holding weather at his fingertips. By terraforming the desert of Sahara and other areas and introducing a water cycle in these thirsty, failed creatures of the biosphere, we could not only potentially reduce hurricane activity in the Atlantic, but we can also establish an Eden-like world.

And then we writers can insert some frivolous human folly into the mixture, blow up civilization, and then start a new story in some post apocalyptic setting where genetically mutated human beings hold monstrous powers that can control hurricanes, fire, time, space... etc.

Yea, ya know It would be kinda fun to conjur up some magic and cast a hurricane on a...
Hell no, I must be out my mind.
Think of the anarchy! The ratio of self-styled gods to heroes would be tremendous!
Not every story is fit to be real.

But anyway, Man terraforming the planet?
THIS is nature taking its course. But will the universe wait for us to get heart and get smart? Well... did you feel that earthquake in New York City a week ago?

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  1. Now this is something interesting to consider. Quite the conundrum to ponder.